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my name is Bailey


I am the owner and artist at Flourish and Faith Designs.

I am living the dream! I have always been ‘crafty’, so to be able to make a job out of my passion is such a blessing to me. I’m glad you came by!

Some of my favorite things in life are spending time adventuring with my husband and 3 kids, experimenting with any kind of DIY craft, and learning new recipes to cook!

My desire is to take my gifts in art and lettering (Flourish) and my love for Jesus (Faith) and create beautiful pieces of art that inspire, encourage, and cause you to worship the God who loves you. From lettering to watercolor art and everything in between, I hope you find something that speaks to you!

My Calligraphy Journey

     My love for lettering began in middle/high school. I have always loved writing- posters and other creative project assignments were my fav! I even just loved watching my pen write notes in class. And I had favorite brands of ballpoint pens... I know, weird. After I entered college in 2011, lettering became more therapeutic, and then it became a hobby. Family and friends would 'order' (I wasn't charging for projects yet) things, and I would make them. It was SO fun for me!

     During nursing school, and then working as a nurse, I started learning about the art of calligraphy. I bought brush pens (without doing much research) and was so excited for them to arrive in the mail. The only problem was... I hated them! I was terrible! These brush pens were so hard to control, and since I had never done anything like this before I had no knowledge of brush pens. They are unlike anything I had ever written with before. The calligraphy videos on Pinterest looked so beautiful! Why didn't mine...? 

     I quickly learned that calligraphy is not just writing. It's not cursive. And it's definitely not easy. So I went back to the internet to find some tutorials. Most of the free tutorials were very short, and not as informative as I wanted. It took a lot of digging, and mainly just watching videos, until I felt confident enough to pull out my brush pens again. 

     This time, I 'knew' (in my head) what I was doing. And it really was a better attempt than the first. But even though my brain had the knowledge of what to do, my hands just wouldn't follow along. But with lots of practice the muscle memory started forming and got stronger. I was doing it!

     After I got the hang of calligraphy, I made so many projects and started charging for them. I didn't launch my official Flourish and Faith Designs business until 2019, but I was doing what I loved, and I was making a little money from it.

     At the time I was still working as a nurse. I love nursing, but we also wanted to start a family someday, and my dream was always to be a stay at home mom. Veryyyy long story short: I quit my job at the hospital to follow God's leading for a medical billing job (best blessing ever!). Then we found out we were pregnant! Our baby girl was born in the summer of 2018, and shortly after her arrival, simultaneously (and unexpectedly for both my boss and I) we were let go from our employer. I was so glad to be home with our new baby girl, but realistically I needed some kind of paycheck again. 

      God had been preparing the way the whole time! Why are we surprised?? Earlier that year, I had done some preparation in case I ever wanted to start a business- tax ID number, business bank accounts, things like that. And it was now before me... even though I desired to make art for a living, I was actually terrified! Would I be able to make enough to stay home with our baby? 

     Again, God provided. He always does! I created Flourish and Faith Designs in October 2019 hoping to share the love and peace of Jesus through my business. I create custom signs, wedding signs, watercolor art, logo design, and teach calligraphy and art classes. I don't just want to make beautiful things to sell, and I love teaching others new skills (I wish I had someone local to teach me when I started), but my main goal is to minister through the creative.


So, thank YOU for coming along with me! 




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